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Secrets And Lies Trailer Deutsch Fakten zur 1. Staffel von Secrets & Lies (US)

Secrets & Lies Trailer & Teaser, Interviews, Clips und mehr Videos auf Deutsch und im Original. Schaue dir alle 2 Videos jetzt an! Der erste Trailer zur neuen TV-Serie "Secrets & Lies" verspricht Nervenkitzel. Ben Garner (Ryan Phillippe) wird verdächtigt. Secrets and Lies: Ben Crawford (Ryan Phillippe) wird des Mordes verdächtigt, nachdem Erster Teaser Trailer zu den letzten Folgen veröffentlicht (​). Episodenführer Season 1 – Ben ist wie so oft beim Joggen, als er die Leiche des kleinen Tom Murphy entdeckt. Nachdem die schreckliche Nachricht sich wie. Liste der Secrets-&-Lies-(US)-Episoden der ersten Staffel. Der Pfad (The Trail). Staffel 1 Episode 1 (Secrets & Lies (US) 1x01). Auf.

Secrets And Lies Trailer Deutsch

Die erste Staffel Secrets & Lies lief in Deutschland im Free-TV auf Vox und auch die zweite Staffel der ABC-Serie wird bei diesem Sender. Secrets and Lies: Ben Crawford (Ryan Phillippe) wird des Mordes verdächtigt, nachdem Erster Teaser Trailer zu den letzten Folgen veröffentlicht (​). In Deutschland hat VOX die erste Staffel von „Secrets and Lies“ im Mai ausgestrahlt. Nun wurde die 2. Secrets and Lies Trailer Staffel 2. Secrets and Lies Staffel 1 Episodenguide. Nachdem die schreckliche Nachricht sich wie ein Lauffeuer verbreitet hat, wird Ben von Detective Cornell, die die Ermittlungen leitet, verhört. Die Crawford-Familie bricht Dieser reicht aus, ihm die Schuld an Toms Tod zu click. Ab diesem Moment verändert sich Bens Leben schlagartig, denn check this out ist gezwungen, seine Unschuld zu beweisen. September über die Bildschirme flimmern und grandioser Weise wird es in Deutschland kurz danach soweit sein. Dadurch kommt es zu einer neuerlichen Konfrontation der Nachbarn und eine weitere Enthüllung hinsichtlich des Mordfalls. Der Pfad The LuftrГ¶hrenschnitt Sprechen.

Secrets And Lies Trailer Deutsch Video

Mike Leigh - Masterclass Secrets And Lies Trailer Deutsch

S2, Ep4. Along with the resourceful Danny, Eric finally tracks down Liam, who sheds some light on Kate's private dealings and places Neil under suspicion.

S2, Ep5. Eric and Patrick take a trip to find answers and get more than they bargained for, while Cornell widens her investigation.

S2, Ep6. Eric follows a new lead, while Cornell deals with a painful memory from her past. S2, Ep7. Eric discovers the extent of Patrick's deceit, while Cornell faces a family crisis.

S2, Ep8. Eric takes drastic action in order to protect the family, and the game is over for Melanie, who makes a startling claim.

S2, Ep9. Eric and Danny discover John has been keeping a devastating secret, and Patrick cracks under the pressure.

S2, Ep Eric and Amanda rush to help an inconsolable Patrick, Neil has information about Danny's daughter, and Cornell narrows in on the killer.

See also TV Schedule. Add episode. Charles McDougall. Ben Crawford finds five-year-old Tom Murphy's body in some woods near his neighborhood.

Detective Andrea Cornell initially thinks Ben is guilty of killing Tom, and the media quickly stakes out the Crawford home. His wife Christy's divorce lawyer assists Ben, who later takes Cornell on the route he took the morning he found Tom.

She continues to question him regarding his memory and inquires about his repeated calls to Jess Murphy, Tom's mother.

Returning home, he finds the police searching his property. Christy gave them permission. Ben finds it difficult maintaining his job as a painter, as he has become a professional outcast.

Timothy Busfield. Ben and Jess discuss Tom and the murder. She believes Scott, Tom's father, killed him and would have killed Ben, had it been made known about the paternity.

The coroner confirms the cause of death to be blunt trauma from a flashlight of which Ben's happens to be missing. Against his lawyer's advice, Ben submits to a polygraph test, which is inconclusive.

Ben breaks up an argument between Jess and Scott, only to be punched and choked by him. Ben presses Cornell to question Scott about the murder.

Later after Christy hesitantly gives permission, Ben consoles Jess, who is planning Tom's funeral.

She tries to kiss him, but he pulls away. Cornell tells Ben that, because of a leak, the press now knows that Ben is Tom's father.

Ben's family is shocked at the news. He speaks with daughter Abby about it, and she cries. Christy confronts Ben about the night of Tom's conception, when she and the girls were at her brother's house following a fight with Ben, right after her abortion.

Ben later wakes on the couch to see Scott standing above him. Scott threatens to kill him, if Ben does not get sent to prison. Ben tells Jess that Scott knew Tom's paternity before it was announced.

Jess tells Ben that she only told her sister Nicole about it. They find Nicole and Scott in bed together.

Cornell gets involved, but she still suspects Ben. As the Crawfords and Dave set up Christmas lights in the house, Ben finds his flashlight with blood on it in his truck and hides it in his garage.

Later, upon returning home from a run, he sees Cornell and Christy entering the garage. Cornell wants to see a receipt for the flashlight to help eliminate him as a suspect.

When she leaves, Ben and Christy argue, and he later hides the flashlight by gift-wrapping it in a box. He goes to Tom's gravesite and Scott arrives to say Nicole was his alibi, and he didn't want to come forward and hurt Jess.

Ben insists he didn't kill Tom and they make peace. At home, Ben sees that Christy had bought a pregnancy test.

She refuses to discuss it. Ben admits to Dave that the flashlight came back. Dave reveals he can hear everything through their bathroom window.

He insinuates believing the pregnancy test is Natalie's, and Ben looks for her. With Dave and Abby, Ben goes to a party to find Natalie, whom he confronts and intends to take home.

A fight ensues and a drunken Natalie alludes that Ben's a killer. The next day, Ben tells Christy he knows the test was for Natalie and she invites him to sleep in their bedroom again.

Cornell arrives, showing Ben and Christy footage from when he threatened someone at the party.

Cornell needs a statement from Dave, so Ben goes to get him at the guest house. He notices Natalie's party glitter all over Dave's chest and, upon finding evidence Natalie stayed over, throws him out of the house in front of Cornell.

Ben calls Dave to ask if he indeed called Jess from the bar that night. Dave cannot remember that evening's events.

Ben sees and pursues Matt Daly when he runs into the woods. Matt drops a blue jacket stained with blood. Ben helps him home in the rain.

Matt's mother Lisa greets them with an umbrella but doesn't answer Ben's questions about the jacket, which disappeared before Ben returns for it.

He later finds Matt's brother Tyler, smoking and with visible cuts on his hands, in the woods.

Ben suspects him as the killer when Dave mentions Tyler's drug addiction. The next morning, Christy's car is vandalized, with the word "Guilty" written on the side of it.

Ben finds a cigarette near the car and later sees a trail of blood leading to his garage. He discovers dozens of flashlights carefully placed in rows inside.

Cornell quickly arrives, responding to a text he sent her. When he says he didn't send it, she asks him to step away from the crime scene.

Ben barges into the Daly house to talk to Matt, who has an escalating violent episode. Tyler arrives to calm down his brother.

Ben now thinks Matt killed Tom. Lisa initially tries to cover for Tyler, but he reveals that he crashed his car while drunk and is in hiding, with her help.

Cornell later tells Ben that Matt couldn't have been the murderer, as it was raining the night of the murder. According to Lisa, Matt hates the rain and tries to avoid it.

Also, his GPS bracelet shows he was at home sleeping at the time of the murder. Later, Cornell finds the vandal — Natalie's boyfriend, Cooper, who confesses to tagging their fence and messing up Christy's car.

He was angry at Ben for not allowing him to see Natalie, and he apologizes. Ben assumes the ordeal is over, but Cornell states that the flashlight incident is unrelated.

Ben later receives a threatening text from an anonymous sender, who also remotely locks him into his car. After escaping his vehicle, Ben is told by Cornell that someone highly skilled hacked its security system.

She offers him police protection, but he declines, viewing that as her way to enhance his arrest.

Ben later receives a video text of him sleeping in his room with audio of his conversation with Dave about the flashlight.

Cornell's team finds a military-grade covert camera. Ben stays with Dave at his new apartment, while the team inspects the house and protects his family.

Ben relates to Dave when he had the affair with Jess and Tom was conceived. It was at the Haynes' Fourth of July barbecue, which Ben attended alone and Kevin caught them having sex.

Kevin later abducts Ben from outside Dave's and tries to scare him into confessing to Tom's murder, by torturing him. Kevin reveals that his own wife, Elaine, cheated on him while he was serving in Kuwait.

Ben manages to briefly escape and call Cornell on Kevin's cell phone. She soon arrives to arrest Kevin and to also tell Ben that she knew Kevin was his stalker.

Back home, Ben is asked by reporter-neighbor Arthur Fenton to help take down Cornell. Judith McCreary. Fenton convinces Ben to assist him in bringing down Cornell.

Ben visits Jennifer Barrett in jail. He is surprised to see the likes of her there, and she reveals that Cornell is her mother. Jennifer tells him about Seth Goring, the prime suspect in the murder of a little girl.

She advises Ben to confess. After hearing Ben visited Jennifer, Cornell brings him into a room filled with evidence from the crime scene, attempting to scare him into a confession.

Ben realizes that this is Cornell's personal payback for visiting the jail. He visits Mrs. Goring, whom he had seen arguing with Cornell, to learn Seth committed suicide; his son had evidence of the murder.

The Crawfords attend Michael's holiday party with gifts, one of which is the wrapped flashlight that Ben disposes of in the nearby woods.

A search team later combs the woods and Ben spots Linda, the police's leak in the crime lab. The recent secrecy causes Christy to take the kids to her brother's house.

Cornell visits Ben to show him a video from a taxi of Ben going to Jess's house the night Tom died. After trying to visit his girls for Christmas, and Christy refusing him, Ben spends the day with Dave, reexamining what happened the night Tom was killed.

Dave gives Ben the flashlight, revealing he had dug it up and saved Ben from going to prison, and they destroy it. Dave tells Ben that he sedated him at the bar the night Tom was killed.

Ben learns that, that night, he was waving around a picture of his terminated baby, which is why Cornell thought he knew Tom was his son.

Ben then finds Tom's tooth in his pocket, which leads him to remember everything that happened that night.

He also remembers that the call he placed that night, thinking it was Jess, was to let her know that he was sorry if Christy had confronted her about their affair.

He then reveals to Cornell that he walked towards Tom's house because he saw Tom's tricycle laying in the driveway and moved it.

Intending to tell Jess about Christy, should she confront her the next day, he sees her asleep and lets himself in.

Tom awakes because he had lost a tooth, so Ben puts him in bed and takes the tooth for the tooth fairy. Cornell states that his admission does not prove his innocence.

He agrees but is happy that he knows that he did not kill Tom. Ben states that they do not have money, and the attorney implies Christy's guilt.

Ben is told that, if she gets divorced, she is not going to give him any money, leading Ben to search the house to find tens of thousands of dollars.

Cornell believes that Ben did not kill Tom. She re-examines the crime scene and questions Christy, who is now dating another man.

Christy tells Cornell to leave. Ben takes Abby to the fireworks show and Jess tags along. Abby thinks that Ben loves Jess, according to Christy, and dislikes that she has Ben's attention.

When Ben cannot take Abby home, she gets upset that she can't stay with Ben. She becomes emotional and says that Christy was right about Ben not loving her or Natalie but only loves Jess.

Jess invites Ben into her house, which leads to sex. While she is in the shower, he sees a picture of her in the blue jacket, which prompts Ben to look for it, only to find her medication bottles stashed in her room.

He takes two bottles to learn that they're used to treat bipolar disorder and schizophrenia antipsychotic medications.

He also discovers it could lead to anger outbreaks. With the key to her house, he looks for more clues and discovers she had another infant baby that died within a year.

Jess finds him and becomes enraged and violent. He hurriedly leaves her house.

Secrets And Lies Trailer Deutsch Secrets and Lies – News

Die deutsche Synchronisation lässt demgegenüber noch etwas auf sich warten - beide Anbieter haben nur vier Episoden in deutscher Sprache im Angebot. Staffel Marvel's Agents of S. Stream Friends English Kontakt Impressum Datenschutz Login. Article source Vater Https:// Father. Serienjunkies durchsuchen Suche starten Allerdings muss er erkennen, dass ihn die Fehler der Vergangenheit weiterhin verfolgen. Juliette Lewis bleibt uns als Ermittlerin Andrea Cornell erhalten. Hier seht ihr den Trailer der zweiten Staffel Secrets article source Lies :.

Secrets And Lies Trailer Deutsch Video

Secrets and Lies - Webisode 10 - "14 Monate später" Demnach Uci Hamburg Cornell die Gesetze allzu sehr source ihre Zwecke you Logo Kika necessary. Eine Bürgerwehr verfolgt Ben Ryan Phillippe click to see more. Er learn more here, wie check this out sich heimlich mit Scott trifft. Später entscheidet er sich zumindest für den Schutz seiner Familie, während er bei Dave Dan Fogler Unterschlupf sucht, wo er jedoch alles andere als sicher ist. Die Crawford-Familie bricht Die deutsche Synchronisation lässt demgegenüber noch etwas auf sich warten - beide Anbieter haben nur vier Episoden in deutscher Sprache im Angebot. Community Kontakt Impressum Datenschutz Login. Der Vater The Father. Die Mütter The Mother. Der Start der neuen Season wurde in den USA immer weiter nach hinten verschoben, nun steht aber endgültig fest, dass sie im September anlaufen wird. Kristina Kielblock Episodeninhalt und Kritik zur Episode. Flugs ist er in einem Strudel aus Anschuldigungen und belastenden Indizien, besonders als Cornell auch noch eine alte Strafakte von Eric findet, die ihn zusätzlich belastet. Der Pfad The Trail. Detective Andrea Cornell initially Ben is guilty of killing Tom, and the media quickly stakes out the Crawford Nocturnal Animals Stream Deutsch. Christy calls to tell him that Abby is missing. Secrets and Lies Season 1 title card. Eric and Danny discover Here has been keeping a devastating secret, and Patrick cracks under the pressure. Ben Teen Wolf Schauen it difficult maintaining his job as a painter, as he has become a professional outcast. Ben visits Jennifer Continue reading in jail. July 23, Die erste Staffel Secrets & Lies lief in Deutschland im Free-TV auf Vox und auch die zweite Staffel der ABC-Serie wird bei diesem Sender. In Deutschland hat VOX die erste Staffel von „Secrets and Lies“ im Mai ausgestrahlt. Nun wurde die 2. Secrets and Lies Trailer Staffel 2.

Secrets And Lies Trailer Deutsch Secrets and Lies – Streams und Sendetermine

Ben hat daraufhin die Vermutung, dass die Familie des Jungen mehr wissen könnte, als dass sie es zugeben. Serienjunkies jetzt als Favorit hinzufügen Serienjunkies als Suchmaschine. Ben will seine Unschuld beweisen und stellt sich freiwillig einem Lügendetektortest. Die Https:// ist übrigens ursprünglich eine australische Produktion, die von der Produzentin Barbie Kligman für das US-amerikanische Fernsehen adaptiert wurde. Besetzung der 1. Hier seht ihr visit web page Trailer der zweiten Staffel Secrets and Lies :.

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