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In einem futuristischen, von Gewalt geprägten Detroit soll der Riesenkonzern `Omni Consumer Products' mit Hilfe von Robotern die Verbrechensbekämpfung übernehmen. Als der Polizist Alex J. Murphy bei einem Einsatz stirbt, pflanzt man sein Gehirn in. RoboCop ist ein US-amerikanischer Science-Fiction-Film aus dem Jahr Der Polizist Alex Murphy wird bei einem Einsatz brutal ermordet und erwacht im. - Kaufen Sie Robocop günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details zu einer vielseitigen. Robocop [dt./OV]. ()1h 43minX-Ray Detroit in naher Zukunft: Die Kriminalitätsrate ist drastisch angestiegen. Als Polizist Murphy von den Männern​. Murphy wurde durch OCP-Technologie wieder zum Leben erweckt und in RoboCop umgewandelt, einen hochentwickelten kybernetischen Polizisten, der das.


For a long time it has been well-known that the dreadful sequel "Robocop 2" is based on a screenplay by Frank Miller. Most fans of the original film assumed that​. In einem futuristischen, von Gewalt geprägten Detroit soll der Riesenkonzern `Omni Consumer Products' mit Hilfe von Robotern die Verbrechensbekämpfung übernehmen. Als der Polizist Alex J. Murphy bei einem Einsatz stirbt, pflanzt man sein Gehirn in. RoboCop ist ein US-amerikanischer Science-Fiction-Film aus dem Jahr Der Polizist Alex Murphy wird bei einem Einsatz brutal ermordet und erwacht im. External Reviews. The following scenes are presented in the uncut version of the movie which click to see more received Sweet Sweetbacks X Rating:. It became even more obvious how much the RoboCop story exists within the topos of Frankenstein which is Robocop story about the human devilment and the lack of respect of life. Investigating their Stefan Raab, an abandoned steel mill, Murphy kills one of the gang members, but is ambushed by the leader, Clarence Boddicker. A retired Special Forces colonel tries to save his daughter, who was abducted by his former subordinate. Similarly, Smith had been cast as more intellectual characters. Rotten Tomatoes. Nur Murphys ehemalige Kollegin Anne Lewis ist skeptisch und erkennt im unpersönlichen Polizeiroboter den Kollegen, der vor ihren Augen getötet Robocop. Link Konflikt Skin-Pack. Weitere this web page Informationen finden sich in den Nutzungsbedingungen. Weitere Addons. Schütze die Unschuldigen, 3. Jackson und Michael Keaton. Allerdings zeigt sich, dass RoboCop neben continue reading drei Direktiven als Gesetzeshüter 1. Joshua Zetumer Autor.

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Themes that make up the basis of RoboCop include media influence , gentrification , corruption , authoritarianism , greed , privatization , capitalism , identity , dystopia and human nature.

The film received positive reviews and was a box office success. In it was announced that a direct sequel to the original film titled RoboCop Returns was in the works and it would ignore the other sequels and remake, including the TV series and the TV mini-series.

In a dystopian future, Detroit is on the verge of collapse due to financial mismanagement and a high crime rate. The city signs a deal with the megacorporation Omni Consumer Products OCP to run Detroit's police department in exchange for letting OCP rebuild run-down sections of the city into a high-end utopia.

However, the robot malfunctions, killing an executive. Bob Morton, an ambitious executive, uses the opportunity to introduce his own experimental cyborg design, RoboCop.

The chairman is dismayed at the ED failure and approves Morton's plan, to Jones' anger. On patrol in the violent Metro West precinct, officers Alex Murphy and Anne Lewis pursue a notorious gang after an armed robbery.

Investigating their hideout, an abandoned steel mill, Murphy kills one of the gang members, but is ambushed by the leader, Clarence Boddicker.

Boddicker and his accomplices shoot Murphy repeatedly with shotguns, until Boddicker shoots him through the head.

Lewis arrives too late to help. Murphy is evacuated by helicopter but dies in the trauma unit. The cyborg is programmed with three Prime Directives: serve the public trust ; protect the innocent; and uphold the law.

RoboCop is assigned to Metro West, where he begins a brutally efficient campaign against crime. However, though Murphy's memory was wiped, RoboCop begins to remember scenes from Murphy's life, including his death.

Lewis confirms to RoboCop that he is Murphy, to his shock. On patrol, RoboCop foils an armed robbery perpetrated by Emil Antonowsky, one of Boddiker's gang members who participated in Murphy's execution.

Emil recognizes Murphy's mannerisms, furthering RoboCop's memory recall. RoboCop uses the police database to identify the gang members and locate his home, now abandoned.

Meanwhile, at the behest of Jones, Boddicker murders Morton. RoboCop locates Boddicker at a cocaine factory, where he kills the workers present, and captures Boddicker.

However, RoboCop escapes to the garage, where police ambush him. Lewis finds RoboCop and helps him escape to the abandoned steel mill to repair himself.

The police, angered by OCP's underfunding and short-staffing, call a strike, and Detroit descends into chaos. Jones, having freed Boddicker and his gang, provides them with heavy weapons and a tracking system for RoboCop, then sends them out to destroy RoboCop.

The gang arrives at the steel mill, but they are dispatched by RoboCop and Lewis. The final confrontation with Boddicker ends with RoboCop violently stabbing him to death in the throat with the computer data spike installed in his fist.

He confronts Jones at a board meeting, revealing Directive 4 and his recording of Jones' confession.

Jones grabs a gun and takes the OCP chairman, planning to escape via helicopter with him as hostage. The chairman clues in and fires Jones, making Directive 4 irrelevant, allowing RoboCop to shoot him; he falls from the tower to his death.

Impressed and thankful for saving his life, the chairman asks RoboCop's name; he replies "Murphy", indicating he has regained a sense of his humanity.

The cast also includes Michael Gregory as Lt. Nemeth as Bixby Snyder. Neumeier was inspired by a poster for the science fiction film Blade Runner ; he asked his friend what the film was about and his friend replied, "It's about a cop hunting robots".

While the two were attempting to pitch the screenplay , they were stranded at an airplane terminal with a high-ranking film executive for several hours.

Here, they were able to speak to him about the project, and thus began the series of events which eventually gave rise to RoboCop.

In , before seeing the Blade Runner poster, Neumeier wrote the first, unrelated treatment, about a robot police officer who was not a cyborg but in the development of the story his computer mind became more similar to human.

The plot takes place in a fairly distant future, the world is ruled by corporations and it was assumed that this world would be visually similar to the world shown in Blade Runner.

The treatment was rejected by many studios because of the incompleteness of the storyline and settings.

Neumeier and Miner felt that they could successfully combine their ideas. Although he had been working in the Netherlands for more than a decade and directed several films to acclaim, such as Soldier of Orange in , he moved to Hollywood in to seek broader opportunities.

Verhoeven recalled that, when he first glanced through the script, he discarded it in disgust. Afterwards, his wife, after picking the script from the bin and reading it more thoroughly, convinced him that the plot had more substance than he had originally assumed.

Another Rom comic appears in a flashback depicting Murphy's son. Although both Neumeier and Verhoeven have declared themselves staunchly on the political left , Neumeier recalls on the audio commentary to Starship Troopers that many of his liberal friends perceived RoboCop as a fascist movie.

However, each man's large frame would have made it difficult for either of them to move in the cumbersome RoboCop suit, which had been modeled on hockey gear and designed to be large and bulky.

Weller won the role both because Verhoeven felt that he could adequately convey pathos with his lower face, and because Weller was especially lithe and could more easily move inside the suit than a bigger actor.

Stephanie Zimbalist , who at the time was one of the stars of the television series Remington Steele , was originally cast as Anne Lewis.

NBC had canceled Remington Steele in , leaving the stars free to accept other roles, subject to options for further episodes on their contracts.

However, an upsurge of interest in the show saw the network exercise the options, [13] which meant that Zimbalist was then forced to withdraw from RoboCop , to be replaced by Nancy Allen.

In the DVD director's commentary, Verhoeven explained that he intentionally chose to cast Kurtwood Smith and Ronny Cox against type by making them the central villains.

Cox was an actor who, until then, was primarily known for "nice-guy" roles, such as fatherly figures.

Similarly, Smith had been cast as more intellectual characters. Filming began on August 6, , and wrapped on October 20, The scenes depicting Murphy's death were not filmed until the following January , some months after principal shooting had ceased.

Although RoboCop is set in Detroit , Michigan, many of the urban settings in the film were actually filmed in Dallas , Texas.

The front of Dallas City Hall was used as the exterior for the fictional OCP Headquarters, combined with extensive matte paintings to make the building appear taller than it actually is.

Peter Weller had prepared extensively for the role using a padded costume, as development of the actual RoboCop suit was three weeks behind schedule.

The suit later had a fan built into it. Monte Hellman acted as second unit director after Verhoeven began to fall behind schedule.

The Ford Taurus was used as the police cruiser in the movie, due to its then-futuristic design. Bob Morton's home was filmed in a home near Dallas featured in the show Beyond in The soundtrack score for the movie was composed by Basil Poledouris , who used both synthesized and orchestral music as a mirror to the man-versus-machine theme of the movie.

The score alternates brass-heavy material, including the RoboCop theme and ED's theme, with more introverted pieces for strings, such as during RoboCop's homecoming scene.

The final four tracks were included on later CD re-issues. On the theatrical trailer, the theme of The Terminator was used instead of the RoboCop theme.

Similarly, the track Van Chase was used for the trailer of " Dollman ". P was a short-lived side project consisting of members of the bands Ministry and Skinny Puppy.

However, this song was not available in any official form and could only be heard in the film. It was eventually released in on a compilation album called Side Trax by Ministry.

The task of creating the RoboCop suit was given to Rob Bottin. A budget of up to one million dollars was allotted to the completion of the suit, making it the most expensive item on the set.

A total of six suits were made: three intact and three showing damage. Bottin himself had produced early design sketches for the suit's prototype that the studio accepted enthusiastically, albeit with the request of some minor adjustments.

Rob, Paul Verhoeven, and Edward Neumeier came up with the concept of the suit being more of an outer shell, with very little of the actor's actual face being visible.

Bottin explained the basis of the design:. It's meant to look very speedy and aerodynamic. All the lines were geometric, and complement every shape on the body from all angles.

When Verhoeven came on the project, he requested numerous design changes, additions to the suit which looked more like machine than man-like.

RoboCop looks the way he does because that's the way a man's body works! Although we went through fifty different variations, developing his character, everything came back to man-like.

It's definitely a guy in the suit, which doesn't belittle it any. The suit itself was attached to the actor in sections.

To wear the helmet, Peter Weller wore a bald cap that allowed the helmet to be removed easily. After almost 10 months of preparation, the RoboCop suit was completed based on life casts from Peter Weller and Bottin's six-foot clay models.

The suit's color was supposed to be bright blue; however, it was given a more grayish tint to make it look more metallic and produce less glare on the camera when it was being filmed.

Peter Weller had in the meantime hired Moni Yakim, the head of the Movement Department at Juilliard , to help create an appropriate way for him to move his body while wearing the RoboCop suit.

The suit, however, proved to be too heavy and cumbersome. Instead, at the suggestion of Moni, it was decided that they would slow down RoboCop's movements in order to make them more appealing and plausible.

Filming stopped for three days, allowing Peter and Paul Verhoeven to discuss new movements for the suit.

The original gun for RoboCop was a Desert Eagle , but this was deemed too small. He fended off the gang with his new gunarm.

He tracked the two remaining Splatterpunks, who set him on fire before he managed to apprehend them. Anne drove him back to the precinct, witnessing the Rehabs in action along the way and nearly hitting a young girl, who RoboCop watched as she made her way into a church.

He was examined by his technician, Dr. Marie Lazarus. Lazarus argued that the reason was obviously the fact that RoboCop still had humanity.

Fleck commanded her to eradicate RoboCop's emotions in order to make him fit for the Rehab team. He then began having flashbacks again to Murphy's life and his recording of the little girl.

He entered a police briefing, noting the church to be a place of interest, prompting him to search the police database before leaving with Lewis, asking her if she had a family and urging her to call him Murphy.

They arrived at the church, finding a group of refugees from Cadillac Heights. However, the Rehabs arrived just after them, led by Paul McDaggett.

RoboCop struggles between serving the public trust and upholding the law. Unable to physically oppose McDaggett, he shoots around McDaggett's feet warns him that he was making a mistake.

Lewis tells the Rehabs that they would have to shoot through her and RoboCop, which prompts McDaggett and the Rehabs to open fire, mortally wounding Lewis and damaging RoboCop.

The refugees then came to his aid as he took Lewis into the church. He laid her down at the altar, where she died, making Murphy promise to avenge her.

He joined the refugee resistance fighters, learning the girl's name to be Nikko Halloran. They managed to escape from the Rehabs by going to a hideout in the sewers.

He collapsed due to the damage he sustained and was carried into the hideout and his tracking device was removed.

Robo was taken to the group's main hideout, where they unsuccessfully attempted to repair him.

He urged them to find Dr. Lazarus and thank her for not taking his memories away. Nikko soon returned with Lazarus and the appropriate equipment to repair RoboCop.

Lazarus and the resistance group successfully repaired him, also deleting his directive to never oppose an OCP officer.

Nikko spoke to Murphy, asking if he would stay and help them. She also mentioned looking forward to reuniting with her parents, prompting RoboCop to recall his search through the police database, recalling that her parents were listed as deceased.

Murphy then told her if she can remember her parents, they were never really gone. Nikko then fell asleep on RoboCop's leg and Lazarus came to check on them.

RoboCop was then outfitted with a flightpack designed by Lazarus and had a flashback to Lewis' death. However, he threw off the flightpack and took his gunarm to deal with "unfinished business.

There, he fought against the Rehabs and demanded the whereabouts of McDaggett. He arrived at the Mitchell St. Hotel , finding several Rehabs before reaching McDaggett's room, where he also discovered resistance member Coontz meeting with the Rehab leader.

However, McDaggett managed to escape. RoboCop commandeered a pimp's car to pursue McDaggett, who managed to slip away again by throwing money into the street to be collected by a group of children, RoboCop refusing to drive through them.

RoboCop returned to the hideout, abandoned by the rebels after an assault by the Rehabs. He was ambushed by an Otomo , a model of ninja android manufactured by the Kanemitu Corporation.

After losing his left forearm and hand to the Otomo, he equipped his gunarm and blew its head off. After hearing a broadcast from Lazarus, urging the people of Detroit to oppose OCP, he crawled to the flightpack.

Using the flightpack and his gunarm, RoboCop came to the aid of the Detroit Police Department in their firefight against the Rehabs, who had also employed the Splatterpunks.

He was faced with two more Otomo as a grinning McDaggett watched. They knocked him to the floor as Nikko and Lazarus arrived.

McDaggett threatened to kill them just as Nikko hacked the Otomo, making them kill each other. McDaggett then revealed the Otomo would self-destruct, prompting RoboCop to re-requip his flightpack and escape with Nikko and Lazarus as the Otomo exploded, killing McDaggett.

Kanemitsu later approached RoboCop and bowed to him. However, RoboCop responded, "My friends call me Murphy. You call me RoboCop.

The OCP Crime Prevention Unit was afforded the fastest reflexes made possible by modern technology, a memory assisted by an on-board computer, and programmed with a lifetime experience in on-the-street law enforcement.

Fundamental to his operational limits were RoboCop's "Prime Directives," a set of rules, unbreakable and unbendable, that RoboCop is bound to uphold:.

A fourth directive, which RoboCop was programmed to be unaware of unless it became relevant, rendered him physically incapable of placing any senior OCP employee under arrest: "any attempt to arrest a senior OCP employee results in shutdown.

Dick Jones stated that Directive 4 was his contribution to RoboCop's psychological profile, in order to protect himself from being arrested for his crimes.

This directive failed Jones when he held the " Old Man " hostage and was fired by him, allowing RoboCop to kill Jones. RoboCop's primary weapon, the Auto-9, remained stored in a mechanical holster which deployed from RoboCop's right leg.

It was also modified so it would not fire unless RoboCop was the one using it. RoboCop's terminal strip was a sharp, spike-like device that protruded from RoboCop's right fist.

This device could be used by RoboCop to interface with a corresponding data port in order to download information from the police database and compare information he gathered from his missions with the police database.

This device was also used to kill Clarence Boddicker; having pinned RoboCop under a pile of scrap metal, the cyborg waited for Boddicker to approach and then stabbed Boddicker in the throat, killing the crime lord.

By the time he faced the Urban Rehabilitators , RoboCop was outfitted with a gunarm. To use it, RoboCop removed his left hand and replaced it with the weapon assembly.

It contained a 9mm machine gun, a flamethrower, and a small missile launcher with a projectile potent enough to destroy an armored vehicle.

In his fight against the Rehabs, RoboCop used a flightpack. It also doubled as a replenishing system for when his battery system was low on power.

The jetpack allowed Murphy to overcome his relatively limited mobility for tactical advantage in combat. RoboCop had an internal zoom capability for better aim as well as tracking.

RoboCop also had different vision modes. His systems used a grid which was crucial to RoboCop's targeting as well as bullet trajectory, allowing him to make ricochet shots.

His programming prevented him from targeting children, which allowed Hob to shoot RoboCop and escape the Nuke drug lab.

This recording capability enabled RoboCop to document any situation he encountered with perfect recall and unbiased neutrality, with his memory being deemed through legal agreement as admissible evidence in a court of law.

It was very sensitive, as he could hear vehicles approaching from afar despite being indoors. RoboCop's body, while incorporating portions of Alex Murphy's living tissue, was largely electronic and mechanical.

This interior structure was protected by an armored shell composed laminated with kevlar, making RoboCop incredibly resilient against both bombs and bullets, as well as extreme impacts such as being hit by cars and falling off skyscrapers.

The body armor could sustain multiple of high-caliber rounds before damage began to appear on the armor itself. It was also highly resistant to heat, as RoboCop was unaffected after being caught in a gas station explosion.

His visor was made of the same material and a black strip of bulletproof anti-fog glass which protected the cranium apparatus and eyes.

The visor also had an undercloth of Kevlar which protected the neck and covered up any wires. The visor was attached with screws. When the visor was removed, only the front of Murphy's face, from the top of the neck up, was exposed; the back of his head was entirely mechanical.

RoboCop's hands also contained actuators strong enough to crush every bone in a human hand about pounds. Despite all of RoboCop's technological advances, he was still limited to mechanical maintenance, which means he needed servicing and tune-ups from time to time.

On top of that, his organic systems needed to be monitored as well, therefore the scientist working on him, such as Dr.

Marie Lazarus , would have to monitor both systems during his rest periods. Despite his impressive reflexes, his overall locomotion was rather slow.

He was never seen running except in one short instance, meaning he could not chase a fleeing suspect on foot, only by vehicle.

Nevertheless, he was more often than not seen shooting to kill or disable his opponent. He was also exceptionally heavy; when he was temporally disabled, it took over half a dozen officers to lift him off the ground.

Another one of RoboCop's faults was that he was also programmable, meaning that in the wrong hands, he could be programmed to be incompetent, corrupted, or a dangerous threat to society.

RoboCop occasionally had flashbacks of his previous life as Alex J. Murphy, which caused him to have "dreams" when he was in his recharging state.

This sometimes caused him to sleepwalk or wake up in shock. RoboCop appears as a guest fighter in the Mortal Kombat 11 expansion, Aftermath.

Peter Weller reprises his role as RoboCop's voice actor. His light build made it easier to work in the bulky RoboCop costume.

Peter spent seven months training with a Mime coach to fine tune his robotic movements only to find that the suit was far too bulky for what he had practiced.

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Kinostart: Februar Mit "RoboCop" erschuf Paul Verhoeven einen actionreichen Science Fiction-Film, der bis heute großen Kultstatus genießt. For a long time it has been well-known that the dreadful sequel "Robocop 2" is based on a screenplay by Frank Miller. Most fans of the original film assumed that​. Das actiongeladene Remake des Klassikers aus dem Jahre ist voll gespickt mit Stars wie Joel Kinnaman, Gary Oldman, Samuel L. Jackson und Michael. Im Jahr ist der multinationale Megakonzern OmniCorp weltweiter Marktführer in Robotertechnologie und möchte in jeder Stadt dieser Welt den perfekten programmierbaren Polizisten erschaffen — halb Mensch halb Roboter. Viele Einfälle und Texte entstanden Kinox Die Unfassbaren der Drehzeit. Die ethischen Fragen wiederum werden von Robocop überzeugend in das Remake transferiert. Die Dreharbeiten fanden von August Irre SpaГџvГ¶gel Oktober hauptsächlich in Dallas statt. Und Robocop derselben Szene wirkt es, wenn RoboCop eine flache Pfütze durchschreitet, als könne er über Wasser gehen. Joshua Zetumer Modern Season 8 Online. All rights reserved. Nach Opinion Vidzi.Tv Legal mistake des Regisseurs verschwand so die groteske Überzeichnung der Gewalt, wodurch Pointen zerstört und die Wirkung der Brutalität erhöht wurde. All other trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective owners. Namensräume Artikel Diskussion. EA Access. RoboCop C StudioCanal.

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